Data storage- a rescue for long term memory

Our life, is a lot of experiences put together that culminates all the people we meet, the food we eat, the places we visit and everything else. If any of these were not there, our life would have been incomplete. Some experiences, some people, some places hold a very special place in our hearts but the moment they go out of sight, they go out of our minds. In this fast paced life, it is difficult to capture all this through various walks of life.

To make those memorable things stay with you forever, you need something that’s permanent, secure and reliable. Papers and hard copies can be tampered, misplaced or lost but what cannot be lost is the soft copy stored over the internet. This data storage facility is enabled by ‘The backbone Connect’ . They provide cloud storage ensuring security, mass storage capacity and easy data accessibility. Therefore, all your important documents, data, something for someone special can all be stored at the Data Centres. These branch out from London and thus are called Data Centre London.

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Find out how the memory improvement tips work by taking up an online IQ test

Do we forget our birthday or friends name or any other important event frequently? Do we feel that we need to brush up our memory again? Our memories are like muscles needs to be workout regularly to keep it toned and fit. A sharp memory can help you succeed in schools, office and also assist the personal life.

Memory is categorized as short term and long term memory. Short term memory captures things for a short period. Short term memory can get affected due to certain anxiety and depression. In short term memory the item remains only around 20 seconds. One can check for their short term memory by taking intelligence test. These online IQ tests are designed to check the ability of holding as many items at a time. Researchers have put many free IQ test in the internet to get the idea of how the human from different sampling performs the same test. To improve the memories try the different Memory improvement techniques.

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The Different Memory Improvement Tips – You Can Do In Order To Remember Everything

Are you having a hard time recalling things that happened in the past even if it was just day or hours away? If you are, then this article is for you. We will give you some memory improvement tips which will boost your brain cells the natural way to easily recall anything without exerting too much effort.

There are two types of memory: short term and long term memory. The first one is the information you get that does not last in your brain for a long time. An example to this would be the name or the face of the person you met in the street and asked for directions. The second type would be the information you know by heart and it remains in your brain for a very long time. An example to this would be your birth date, how to drive a car, how to swim, the alphabet and the names of your family members. However, there is still a chance of you not being able to remember some information from it.

If recalling things is becoming a problem of yours, then you may want to do some research about memory improvement tips which will help you to cope up. The first thing that you may want to do is to exercise your brain by playing memory games. I strongly suggest that you play the following games that do not focus on winning only but focuses on exercising your logical and analytical skills. Please see the games below:

  • Chess
  • Sudoku
  • Checkers
  • Word Games

Another memory improvement tip would be practicing the habit of paying attention to what is being said or what you are seeing around. While you are driving or walking, try to remember what you have seen 5 minutes ago. This practice will help you exercise your brain and teach yourself how to recall things.

And believe it or not, being healthy and fit is also another factor that could lead to memory lapses. By doing cardio exercises, you not only target your body fats but it also helps the brain to get enough oxygen to work well.

You may also want to keep yourself busy by reading books, news and other reading materials that will stimulate your brain cells.

If you are a student and you are having a hard time memorizing terms and topics that you need in order to pass your final exams, my suggestion is to record the lectures and listen to it from time to time until you already understood everything by heart. When memorizing terms, you can create your own acronym which will create your own strategy to memorize the terms in your lesson.

And last but not the least; you must always maintain a good sleeping habit. Your body and your brain can only do so much. If you over use it, they won’t work as expected. You cannot think well and you cannot perform well if you are stressed and tired at the same time.